What is Feather Touch?

Brow feathering can be done using a hand tool (micro-blading) or machine technique. The process involves micro-pigmenting fine strokes that mimic hair into the outer layers of the skin.

The results are very natural and can go undetected.

The first session can take anywhere from one and a half to two hours including anaesthetic processing and design time. The artist will always work conservatively during the initial application to gauge how well the skin absorbs the pigment in preparation for the second application.

Feather touch tattoo is semi-permanent unlike the “block tattooing” of yesteryear. It is an extremely topical procedure done in the outer layers of the skin. Depending on the skin chemistry, exposure to active ingredients or the elements in general, your original colour will gradually begin to fade out.

Re-touch, or perfection is required four to six weeks after the first treatment and takes approximately one to one and half hours. The procedure stays nine months to two years depending on the skin type and exposure to the elements.

Is it painful?

No. Clients have commented that you can feel the pressure of the application and light etching noises, however we use a strong topical anaesthetic that keeps the area numb throughout the process. Please keep in mind that everyone has a different pain threshold so, some may feel it more than others.

What is the recovery time like?

After the feather touch tattoo you will need to keep your eyebrows dry and clean for seven to ten days. This includes keeping them away from streaming water in the shower, no saunas and no sports that would cause excessive sweating such as a hot Bikram yoga.

After 24 hours the pigment will settle into the skin and become darker in colour before it starts to fade and flake away so we suggest that our clients don’t book the tattoo around any special events as the brows might make you feel a little self-conscious.

We always choose a conservative colour during the first treatment as we never know how the skin will take the pigment. We can always “build on” colour at the retouch appointment.

Can you replicate any hair colour?

We try to create the same colour as your natural brow so that the additional strokes around the tattoo will go undetected. We often use a number of different colours to create a more 3D affect.

Who is getting it?

Our clients ages range from 18 years all the way to up to 80 years! There isn’t an age restriction on looking or feeling fabulous.

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons – either they overplucked in the past because it was the trend, they’ve lost hair due to alopecia or medical treatments or they simply just want the look of a fuller brow.

Is there anyone it’s not suitable for?

Yes, certain skin types are not compatible with retaining the pigment in the skin. Usually oily skin types or people who use excessive active ingredients such as AHA and retinols. People on blood thinners, type 2 diabetes.  We also do not tattoo during pregnancy or recommend this procedure whilst breast feeding.

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